Graphic Design

At Laura's Graphic Designs, we offer a large variety of graphic creations.

Let me create a custom logo, letterhead, business card, business set, brochure, booklet design, flyer, pamphlet, calendar, advertisement, greeting card, or any other graphic design need you may have.

I also offer photo restorations and photo modifications.

Company Branding

Let me create for you a Graphic Identity, representing you and your business to your business clientelle.



This is a sample of a Graphic Identity which I have created for myself.

Business Sets

At Laura's Graphic Designs, we can custom create for you a personalized logo, and utilize this design in a business card, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, etc.

This sample is a project that I did for Hoggarth Interiors in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. The Logo was created, and then applied to both a business card and letterhead.


This poster was a project that was created using an Onbrand brief for a new beverage company. This brief was originally a competition, and although the competition did not follow through to completion, my class used this brief as a class project.





This Maxwell House Ad is also a design that I came up with as part of a class asignment.